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Black Suitcase from Karachi ( on tour )

24th - 26th June 2005

Welcome Inn

1840 West Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Nicola Atkinson.Davidson, Glasgow shows the contents of the black suitcase from Karachi in the bedroom ( see photograph below) while Laurie Steelink from Los Angeles hangs her Jolly Roger in the bathroom.



Los Angeles, The Suitcase From Karachi, and the Jolly Roger in the bathroom: what's the dealio?


Being a native of Los Angeles, and considering what that fact does and does
not imply. . . I've come to the conclusion, (after using reliable scientific
research methods and data ), that being from Los Angeles does not
necessarily suggest that one is a struggling actor, has had liposuction, or
visits a psychic on a regular basis. The geography of L.A. itself breeds a
certain type of alienation - an uprooted sense of "not belonging," despite
the beauty of the city itself. I would attest that its loveliness is as
devastating, debilitating, and as deceptive* as an idealized soul. The
sprawling landscapes and freeway arteries keep us in our hermetically sealed environments. We seek comfort and assurance from the city itself while attempting to maintain communication with loved ones during rush hour
traffic on our cell phones.


While discussing the "suitcase" project with Nicola for the past 1/2 year or so, and more intensely in the last few months, we wrestled with several
ideas for showcasing her piece in the context of time and place (Los
Angeles, California, U.S.A., Summer, 2005). During the latter part of the
investigation, the City had taken quite a toll on my psyche, and I nearly
surrendered: just feeling like a dead, hairy, leathery, unidentifiable
beast, aka roadkill. The City then divulged her Krispy Kreme self in the
form of an epiphany: We thought - not a gallery - but a motel: the
transient, alienating, temporary, comforting, and rhetorical abode. Not as
easy as one might think, but the community and ties to it, allowed for the
installation. (Despite various omens suggesting that it might not happen:
car ACTUALLY downs a pigeon, demoralization, and vertigo).

I had mentioned to Nicola that the work one of the artists I included in an
exhibition recently , Laurie Steelink, (inspired by 'horror' to keep it
succinct) would create a perfect balance in creating the overall impact we
wished to achieve (and this is prior to whole motel deal). The result: the
installation at the Welcome Inn. Both women's work evoke mystery, and the
" other," in the language of artistic ambiance. So, as a facilitator/curator,
I merely solved a quasi-algebraic equation.

I will confess that I am in love with Los Angeles. I've never left it for
more than 6 months at time.


Cindy Ojeda



Black Suitcase from Karachi ( on tour)



LA Diary

By Nicola Atkinson.Davidson for

the MAPMagazine Issue 3/Autumn 2005


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Nicola Atkinson.Davidson


Laurie Steelink


Cindy Ojeda


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