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Fluorescence Fluorescencia, 2004

Havana, Cuba

Medium :- 30 Fluorescent Lights, Blue Gels in Various Forms.


Dimensions :- Various


In the wake of her exhibition in Cuba, the Scottish artist Nicola Atkinson.Davidson has also turned to the act of 'illuminating'. In no sense, however, is this a repetition of what became a formula for the author of The Architecture of Light .   Nicola illuminates through the handing over of fragments of her installation Pintura de Mar Sea Painting Coincidentally, these fragments happen to be fluorescent lamps.


Las treinta luces con filtros verdes -partes integrantes de su pieza en el Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, de la Habana Vieja- fueron entregadas a un grupo de jóvenes artistas plásticos cubanos: Harold Vázquez, Rubert Quintana, Alain Pino, James Bonachea, Pavel Acosta, Analía Amaya, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Helga Montalbán, Duvier del Dago, Humberto Díaz, el dúo E&D (Edgar Echavarría y David Beltrán), Fidel Ernesto y Carlos José García. Se les ha pedido le den un nuevo uso, que será posteriormente documentado.


The thirty lights with their respective green filters - integral parts of her work in the Centre for the Development of Visual Arts in Old Havana - were given to a group of young Cuban visual artists: Harold Vázquez, Rubert Quintana, Alain Pino, James Bonachea, Pavel Acosta, Analía Amaya, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Helga Montalbán, Duvier del Dago, Humberto Díaz, Edgar Echavarría, David Beltrán, Fidel Ernesto and Carlos José García. They were asked to put them to a new use, which would then be documented.


Los destinos de las lámparas fluorescentes podrán ser los más inesperados. En total libertad creativa, no se han puesto cotas o restricciones a su uso. Por lo tanto, se contempla como posibilidad el que las mismas tomen tanto la forma de una nueva obra de arte, como un camino puramente utilitario, integrándose, como el resto de los fragmentos de la exposición del pasado junio, a la vida profesional o doméstica de estos creadores.


They were given complete creative freedom to do whatever they wished with the fluorescent lamps: no limits or restrictions were put on their use. It is thus equally possible for them to take the form of a new work of art, or be given a purely utilitarian function, taking their place, like the rest of the fragments of last June's exhibition, in the professional or domestic life of these creative artists.

Yuneikys Villalonga Havana ,Cuba 2004


Sponsors :-The National Endowment for Science, Techonlogy and the Arts and the British Council


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Yuneikys Villalonga




Images from the project


Pintura de Mar Sea Painting

Images from the exhibition.

Fluorescence / Fluorescencia 1

Yuneikys Villalonga essay


Fluorescence / Fluorescencia 2

Yuneikys Villalonga essay


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Transparencies Yuneikys Villalonga essay


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Transparencies Yuneikys Villalonga essay


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