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A Formal Setting, Urban Landscape II, 1991

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, California USA.


Medium :- Pencil, Green Carpet, Acrylic, Wood, Hardware, Canvas and Small Lights.


Dimensions :- w10m b5m h3m


Developed from Gentle Breezes Blowing, the work addresses the dilemma of how an artist can present, in a humane way, the private contact of working with people. The 'real' is taken out of context and transported into a gallery setting. Atkinson-Davidson creates a revered space within the gallery to imbue the intimate process of her work with respect. A crate presents a bleak urban exterior to the work, but within is a jewel-like shrine. The walls are decorated with beautiful wallpaper made from the transcribed thoughts of the city block, quoted in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. The piece focuses the viewer on carefully framed portraits of the occupants of the city block: 18th Street, Manhattan Place, Western Avenue, West Washington Blvd


Sponsors :- Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery,Cal USA.


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A Formal Setting

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