Buttons UP LA, Sept 2 - Oct 8 2005


Adam Simon



When the Great Heresy was chased out of the hallowed halls of Religion it hid in safer realms -  first as Romantic Art of all kinds, and later - harrowed and chased this time by the Archbishops of Abstraction and Content-less form, it found refuge in the ghettos - where it has successfully hidden as pop love songs ('Somewhere Over the Rainbow' 'Paper Moon') Pulp Fiction (Lovecraft-Woolrich-Dick) and movies and Comic Books (too many to list). But now that Neo Gnosticism has come out into the open again -- now that the Exoteric religions have changed places with the Esoteric ones -- it seemed time to make buttons.


Sites: - Main Street in Ocean Park - or in the Gnostic Temple of The Flying Eye at 2646 4th St. Santa Monica (by appointment only.)


Medium :- 25 mm 10 Badges