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European Dance Theatre Collaboration

NADFLY & BAXENDALE & Choreographer, Susanna Curtis



2010 sees the Silver Jubilee of the twinning of the cities of Glasgow and Nuremberg, Germany. To celebrate this event choreographer, Susanna Curtis, (Nuremberg based but Glasgow raised), is joining forces with Dance House and Glasgow based installation artists - Nicola Atkinson and Lee Ivett - NADFLY & BAXENDALE on a creative trans-European journey.

Return2you, a dance theatre project, will be rehearsed and performed in both cities. Glasgow dance artists, Lisa Sinclair and Tom Pritchard, have been selected to be involved in the creative process, alongside Nurembergers - Tina Essl and Dave Laera. This is a unique opportunity for dance practitioners to experience, at close hand, artistic working practices in another European city, igniting fruitful discourse and engendering future cultural exchanges. Performances of the work will take place in Nuremberg and Glasgow.

Return2you is concerned with social identity. In a society where we publicly advertise ourselves on a daily basis, on websites, in blogs, on Facebook and other social networks, how often do we stop to think: who are we really and what has made us who we are? Where do we come from? And what happens when a group of quirky individuals is thrown together – does a series of chance encounters progress to the forming of fragile relationships, bound within a limited timeframe? “Return2you” will be a trip back to the past, with the possibility of creating an alternative future.


(about) NADFLY
NADFLY enjoys collaborating with curators, artists, musicians, architects, writers, filmmakers, silversmiths, designers and ceramicists. Together we can create new areas where people are able to challenge their notions of art as well as their everyday realities. Over the years NADFLY has been actively involved in a wide variety of public art & design projects in places such as Inverness, Dunfermline, Glasgow, West Bromwich, Lidköping, Los Angeles, New York, Karachi, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Dublin, Havana and Bosnia & Herzegovina.


(about ) Baxendale Design Co Ltd

Baxendale seeks people and/or organisations with ideas for improving themselves, their environment and their communities and then develops creative solutions to demanding problems.

Baxendale communicates ideas about people, places + spaces through whatever medium is appropriate; whether it be a building, a poster or even a conversation.