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Secrets of the World, 1996 -

the present... the future and THE END...

Los Angeles Hamburg, Karachi and Havana.


The Art of Thought, 2002

Angel's Gate Gallery, Los Angeles

Medium :- 3 Books, 1 Plastic Box, 1 Padlock and 3 Wipe Boards.


Dimensions :- w2m b3m h2.5m.


In a world where nothing is certain, in which transcendental belief has been undermined by scientific materialism, and even the objectivity of science is qualified by relativity and uncertainty, the single human voice, telling its own story, can seem the only authentic way of rendering consciousness." David Lodge


In her work Secrets of the World, an ongoing project since 1996, undertaken in Hamburg, Germany, Karachi, Pakistan, Havana, Cuba and other locations, Atkinson-Davidson has asked people to write down their secrets and hand them to her in sealed envelopes, not to be opened until after the artist's death.The book Secrets of the World contributors were chosen from a network which gravitates around the Institute of SocioEconomics of the University of Hamburg and the, so far only existing ARTS&Games Academy. The concept of Secrets has, by-and-large, been ignored by the theoretical literature in economics and the social sciences. In the real world, secrets seem to be an important phenomenon. There is more to a secret than just asymmetric information: secrets can be dangerous, beautiful, exciting, immoral; secrets can hurt and please; secrets can be shared. Secrets are produced, sold, and bought and should, therefore, be accessible to economic analysis. However, secrets are peculiarly strange goods and the incomplete definition of property rights seems to be part of their nature. I may hand a secret in a sealed envelop to you and you may carry this envelope to the other side of the globe. Still I can destroy this secret by publishing the information which is sealed in the envelope. But it could also be that there is no information in the envelope and you merely think that you carry a secret with you.

Moira J B Jeffrey Writer and broadcaster


Sponsors :-The National Endowment for Science, Techonlogy and the Arts

and HOMO OECONOMICUS (HOEC) is devoted to the study of classical and neoclassical economics, public choice and collective decision making and law & economics. It focuses on the study of political and social institutions.



Nadfly Quick Links ImageSecrets of the World

Angel's Gate installation


Dr Manfred J. Holler

Secrets of the World

Introduced and Edited


Secrets of the World publication is available to buy through ACCEDO distribution.


Dr Manfred J. Holler



Dr Manfred J. Holler three essays as pdf.

1.The ‘Secrets of the World’ Dr Manfred J. Holler Introduced and Edited

2.Re-defining Arts, Readymades and Secrets’ Dr Manfred J. Holler


3.Artists, Secrets, and CIA’s Cultural Policy .


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